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Blog tour: Memory of Me by Jess Thomas



Book Title: Memory of Me (The Chronicles of Darius #12)
Author: Jess Thomas
Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artist: Jess Thomas
Release Date:Β November 8th 2017
Genre:Β Gay Romance
Length:Β 101,506 words/353 Kindle pages


Darius thought he could make it through anything, he was strong and had an inner strength that could pull him through the various trials of his life. However, his strength is going to be put to the ultimate test. Will he be able to cope when he realizes the weapon of destruction could actually be the one thing he lives for? Sometimes the greatest love is the greatest pain.
For the first time, everyone understands the prophecy told so long ago that Darius would be the end of the everything. The loss of white energy would destroy not only him but those he loved and the places he protected.

An ominous journey to beyond the here and now with two of the greatest powers of the universe is the only way to begin to right what has gone so sorely wrong.

Join Darius in his latest and most important adventure. The fate of so many not only depends on righting so many wrongs, but on understanding and forgiveness.

Memory of Me will thrill and excite you with its heart-rending story.



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Nell Iris' Christmas

Christmasvaganza: Music Monday


Happy Monday everyone, I hope your week was good. It’s time for another Music Monday here at Christmasvaganza.

This week’s song is All I Want For Christmas Is You. However, I’m not a Mariah Carey fan, and to be perfectly honest with you, I didn’t use to be a fan of this song either. Until I heard this version. I love the feeling of Steve Grand’s rendition; it’s so very different from the original. Less hysterical, if you know what I mean 😁

And it doesn’t hurt matters that the music video contains two cute boys and a very creative use of Christmas tree ornaments. See for yourself. 😁