Nell Iris' Christmas

Christmasvaganza: Music Monday


Happy Monday, everyone. We’re finally in December, and it’s just a few more weeks until Christmas. Are you excited? I am!! 😁

One of my favorite Christmas songs is O Holy Night, especially when sung by an excellent singer, like for example Celine Dion. It’s so majestic and beautiful, and I really love it. But Celine Dion is not who’s performing it this week in my Christmasvaganza. Instead, I’ll treat you to a Swedish version. I thought it’d be safe since you all know what it’s about already, so it won’t matter that you don’t know the actual words the guy is singing. Right? 😁

The singer is a Swedish opera star called Rickard Söderberg, and to be completely honest with you: this isn’t my favorite version of the song…but only because I’m not really an opera fan. So why am I choosing this version then, you might ask?

Because Rickard Söderberg is a fabulous. He’s an opera singer who looks like he could be the front man for a heavy metal band, with long hair, black nail polish and lots and lots of black eyeliner. Not the way you expect an opera star to look like, right?

On top of that, he’s unapologetically gay. He’s out and proud and a truly good human being. He spends his time and energy spreading love and works hard to make the world a better place for everyone. That earns him a spot in Nell’s Christmasvaganza…even if he sings opera 😁

And if you’re an opera fan, I bet you’ll adore this version. And even if you aren’t: look for a minute or so to take in his fabulousness.

The floor is yours, Rickard! 😁