About Nell

Two images

Here are two pictures from my (bookish and writerly) life:


This tote caught my eye in the bookstore and I just had to buy it. It’s amazing! And you can’t have too many totes, can you? πŸ™‚


I was a clichΓ© writer the other day, grabbed my laptop, and went to Starbucks to write. I’ve given up coffee (because I’m sensitive to caffeine), but at Starbucks I can order decaf, so I had a huge cappuccino. It was soooo good. I’ve missed my fancy coffee drinks!

I kind of felt like Carrie Bradshaw (but less glamorous and without boy troubles), but to be honest I couldn’t really concentrate on my writing. Instead, I ended up chatting online with my husband (who was on a business trip) and a writer friend of mine. So, I guess I’d better stay home next time I want to get some writing done.

Where’s your favorite place to write or read?