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Weekends means Rainbow Snippets-time here on the blog, since I’ve joined the Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook. According to their description, “it’s a group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction—a WIP or a finished work of even 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).”


I continue where I left off last week. The snippet is from my new untitled WIP, Benji is the bartender at The Broken Brick Bar (from Cinnamon Eyes), and Mr. Grunge is a newcomer.

Here are the previous snippets if you need to catch up: 1 | 2 | 3

“S-sure.” That look knocked Benji off kilter and he stomped himself on the foot to get his ass in gear. He filled a tall glass with ice cubes, poured the drink, and topped it up with the requested lime, all the while glancing at Mr. Grunge out of the corner of his eye.

What on earth had caused such misery? And why was the guy even here? If he was hurting that much he should be at home, curled up on the couch in his jammies while eating a whole pint of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy and sobbing along to The Notebook.


To be honest, I feel like curling up on the couch, binging on Chocolate Therapy myself. I can’t seem to find my writing flow and every word is a struggle. I think I suffer from performance anxiety: I fear that Benji and Mr. Grunge’s story won’t be a worthy companion to Cinnamon Eyes. That’s why I don’t write series, guys! And this isn’t even a series, just a companion book.

So any suggestions on how to get myself out of the writing funk would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


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17 thoughts on “#RainbowSnippets”

  1. People cope with misery differently. Sometimes they want to drown it in company rather than in ice cream.

    PS: About your writing mojo. Perhaps your need a break, Nell. Especially since Cinnamon Eyes recently came out. Put writing aside. Do whatever it is you love doing to relax.
    Also, when you do write, just write whatever comes to you and don’t worry about how it links up. At least, until you get to revisions.
    I hope you get your mojo back soon. xx

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  2. Hm, maybe Benji should find out what’s on Mr. Grunge’s mind before thinking of ways to handle his misery.

    I understand the lack of writing mojo. I felt it a lot with book 3 in my series. Give yourself time to breathe after your new release. My experience both reading and writing series fiction is that each book is really its own thing. It doesn’t have to live up to another book or be the perfect companion. It just has to be a good story.

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  3. Love Benji’s cure for melancholy.

    As for writing, I think my mojo must be on holiday with yours. Meanwhile, I’m making myself write at least one sentence a day (while also working on an outline for NaNoWriMo).

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  4. I vote for Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy (for both you and Mr. Grunge)! ♡
    From what I’ve seen so far Mr. Grunge’s story is a very worthy companion for Cinnamon Eyes. Just don’t force it. Write on it when it’s talking to you.

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  5. Right there with you with the lack of writing drive. Right now, I’m struggling. There’s too much going on with me, around me, near me, so I’m finding the effort too draining. And that’s not anything Chocolate Therapy can solve.


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  6. I’m more likely alleviate misery with garlicky, cheesy mashed potato or drown it in red wine, but the sentiment comes across very clearly. As for the writing mojo, you may just need a break between books, especially as you’re staying in the same ‘verse. Good luck!

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