Christmas x2 in Nell Iris-world

I don’t know if you remember that I told you back in the end of July that my Christmas story Red Popcorn Strings and Gumball Rings was accepted to the Dreamspinner Press Advent Calendar? (still super excited about this!!)

But that’s not all the Christmas activity I’ve been up to. No, I’ve got another super fun project I want to tell you about involving another Christmas story.

Sexy SantaThe story is called The Christmas Day Date and will be featured in an anthology together with four other holiday stories, written by my friends Addison Albright, Stephen Hoppa, Nicky Spencer, and Amy Tasukada.

The anthology, Make the Yuletide Gay, will be released on November 24, 2017, so when you’re all still full from eating too much Thanksgiving turkey to move from the couch, you can one-click this book and spend your Friday reading about boys loving boys.

And best of all? The anthology is a freebie. Five great stories for absolutely nothing! Consider it our holiday gift to you. We’re the five Santas of the M/M romance genre! 😁

Blurb and more info like where to order it and other important stuff will follow shortly.

So what about The Christmas Day Date? Wanna read the blurb?


Two men. Changed Christmas plans. A gazillion cookies.

Lenny Painter’s idea of the perfect Christmas is sleeping the holiday away. He’s got nowhere to be, and the only item on his Santa wish list is to catch a glimpse of his cute neighbor, JJ.

Julius Jones’s carefully organized Christmas is canceled at the last minute. In a fit of rage, he rids his apartment of all holiday cheer, including the rainbow-decorated tree.

But Lenny rescues the beautiful tree from a sad demise and end up spending the afternoon with JJ. When JJ asks Lenny to celebrate Christmas Day with him, Lenny accepts.

But it isn’t a date. Or is it?

Are you excited? I am!!



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