#RiotGrams day 27


In June, I’m partaking in a bookish Instagram challenge here on the blog. Pictures are required (because Instagram), so I’ll post a pic with some explanation or other every day. The challenge is courtesy of Bookriot. And if you’ve got Instagram and want to see what other people come up with, just check #riotgrams.

27 – Retro Cover Fun


The cover of The Colorado Kid by Stephen King has a retro, pulp fiction-y vibe that I like. But what I really feel about the book, you can read in my guest post I wrote for Divine Magazine a few months back. Here’s the link to it: Chekhov’s Gun, Or Tying Up Loose Ends 🙂

Covers are fun and important, but I think that blurbs are more important. A cover can be hideous, but if the blurb is great I’ll read it anyway. Which is good, because I’ve discovered a couple of my favorite authors this way—by ignoring the ugly cover and finding a gem behind it.

But on the other hand: not even the most beautiful cover can save the crappiest book. Turd is still turd, even when polished 😀

What do you think is more important? Covers or blurbs?


4 thoughts on “#RiotGrams day 27

  1. That’s a tough one. Blurbs are important to get the reader to take that next step to purchase (or not), but the cover can make the difference as to whether potential readers even look at the blurb. Even so, all readers are different as to how good or bad a cover must be to affect their decision.

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    1. True. Like I wrote on day 21 with the John Inman-book: that book is on the list for worst covers on Goodreads. I don’t get it. Is it really that terrible? Do you think it’s terrible?

      I guess it’s because it’s a MM-book and there’s no hotness? Instead of a ripped torso, there’s a silly, cute picture of someone’s pants being eaten by a nasty pig. But if it suits the book, what then? A ripped torso would be so wrong for that book. Ah well. Idk. We have a saying in Swedish: “Smaken är som baken: delad”. Literal translation:”Taste is like the ass: split in two” 😀 I guess it’s appropriate here 😀

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      1. I’m not a fan of that cover. I do like the “cheesecake boys” paintings generally speaking (they’re cute), but I don’t usually care for them as MM book covers. There are other options for books about average non-ripped guys with their clothes on.

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