And now we wait…

Yesterday, I finally finished all necessary things for the Christmas story, so I finally could submit it to the submission call. And this morning I woke up to an email confirmation that they’d received my submission. Iiiiiih.

The deadline isn’t until July 1, so I have to wait to hear from them. Ugh, I suck at waiting. I’m too impatient and I want to know immediately. I guess I could consider this a training exercise. How to get better at waiting. Yeah, right. *snort*

Keep your fingers crossed for Casey and Ellis!

And while we wait…and wait…and wait, I thought I’d share a couple pictures I used as inspiration:


I imagine their tree like this. With sad, drooping branches, and needles falling off. But instead of the red ornaments, Casey and Ellis made popcorn strings and added red food dye to make the popcorn more festive.

Can you see it? That sad looking tree criss-crossed with red popcorn strings? I can 🙂


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