#RiotGrams day 7


In June, I’m partaking in a bookish Instagram challenge here on the blog. Pictures are required (because Instagram), so I’ll post a pic with some explanation or other every day. The challenge is courtesy of Bookriot. And if you’ve got Instagram and want to see what other people come up with, just check #riotgrams.

7 – Well-loved Reads


This is my copy of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells (Swedish translation). I brought it with me to Malaysia when I moved here, and as you can see, I’ve read it countless times. I’m afraid it’s going to fall apart any minute and the pages are old and yellow.

When I lived in Sweden, me and my friends had a book club. The first book we read was this one, and we named our club after it. The Ya-Ya Sisterhood.

What I love most about it is the friendship between Sidda’s mother Vivi and the other Ya-Yas. I love reading about strong friendships, and complicated family dynamics, and this book had it all.

What’s your most well-loved book? 🙂


4 thoughts on “#RiotGrams day 7

  1. I’ve got four mainstream favorites that I keep rereading over the years. I’d be hard put to single out one as my “most well-loved book.” One is a recent addition to the list (The Martian), one is quite old (Pride and Prejudice), one is aging (To Kill a Mockingbird), and the last is a few years old (The Time Traveler’s Wife).

    In the M/M genre, my favorites are The Adrien English series by Josh Lanyon and the Sixth Sense series by Sarah Madison. Both have to be taken as a series for full appreciation. The Adrien English books are each individual mysteries, but the romance arc doesn’t complete until the end of the series (but is so worth the effort of suffering through the ups and downs…it’s better appreciated due to all they’ve gone through). In the Sixth Sense series, it’s more the storyline that continues through. Each book has a logical ending, but without completely resolving the central issue, and while the romance arc has a few ups and downs, it’s never in serious jeopardy after the initial HFN. Both are on my multiple rereads list.

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    1. I haven’t read The Martian. I loved the movie though, so do you think I should read it? 🙂

      And ugh, how come I’m the only one in the world who’s not fond of series? Stand alone FTW! 🙂

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      1. Depends on how much you like geeky details. There’s a bit more drama and a lot more detail in the book. Also, I forgive the movie for the dramatic license it took with the rescue scene, but I prefer the book’s.

        But if the series is complete when you start it, couldn’t you consider it one long book? (For the record, 6th sense isn’t complete yet, but Adrien English is.)

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        1. Hm, depends on how the geeky details are written. But you intrigued me…I think I may add it to my TBR. But I’d better wait until the reading slump is over 🙂

          Regarding it as a long book is a good idea…in theory 🙂 But I don’t like books that are too long (and you’re very welcome to mock me about Harry Potter here, I’m well aware of the double standard, but this is a recent development 😀 ) And 5 AE books at about 200 pages? 1000 pages? Nah, too long 😀

          I used to love longer stories and when I started reading M/M I was annoyed about all the short stories flying around. But it’s shifted. Now I’m like “300 pages? That’s gonna be too much drama, no thank you!” 😀

          Maybe it will shift back, and if that happens, I promise I will do as you say and give Adrien English a shot 🙂

          I’m picky, I know 😀

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