#RiotGrams day 4


In June, I’m partaking in a bookish Instagram challenge here on the blog. Pictures are required (because Instagram), so I’ll post a pic with some explanation or other every day. The challenge is courtesy of Bookriot. And if you’ve got Instagram and want to see what other people come up with, just check #riotgrams.

4 – Notebooks/Journals


I love poetry. I buy a lot of poetry books, but I also collect poems I like in notebooks. Every time I come across anything I like, I write it down in my notebooks and save it so I can read it later.

The notebooks I use for this purpose have to be pretty (I love pretty notebooks!!). The elephant one on the right was a gift from my daughter. The one on the left looks really boring in the picture, but it’s brown and really sturdy and I love writing in it.

When every page is filled with wonderful words, I put them next to the other poetry books in my shelf. At the moment I have three notebooks full. Nell Iris’s Poetry Compilation, volumes I-III 😀

And seriously. Can you think of anything better than a pretty notebook and a fabulous pen? 🙂


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