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Writing update

First of all: sorry for the radio silence last week. I’ve been a bad, bad blogger, I know. But I’ve been an amazing writer, and something had to take a back seat in my schedule for me to have time for everything. I have to come up with something for the blog though, I don’t like it when it’s empty and boring. 

Any suggestions?

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Anyway. Like I said: last week was busy. I beta read a novel for an author friend of mine and that took a lot of time, but it was also a lot of fun. I love beta reading and commenting, and discussing my own or the other person’s work. The exchange of ideas is really great and helpful for me as a writer.

Besides beta reading, I wrote a lot. Look here:


Except for Wednesday when I had a lazy day, I’ve written every day this week, and managed a total of 9498 words. That’s almost half of my goal (20K) in just one week, and way over the weekly tally I needed to achieve to be on track.

Do I dare to believe I will win Camp NaNoWriMo this year? 🙂

I finished my Xmas story on Saturday—that’s why there’s two numbers that day. The green ink is the numbers for the Xmas story and the red ink is for project number two Never Before Him. (At least one of my NaNo projects has a name!)

So I’m gonna give myself a big old pat on the back for being so productive last week. 🙂

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A reminder: this week the article I wrote for Divine Magazine will be published. On Wednesday, April 12th, you will be able to read Chekhov’s gun, or tying up loose ends. I will, of course, post the link when it’s live, so it’ll be easy for you to find.

Iiiih, I’m excited.


4 thoughts on “Writing update”

    1. Yeah, I’m really happy about it. I’m gonna start editing when I’ve reached my NaNo goal, and then it’ll be available for beta. But for once I’m not in a hurry for a submission call 🙂 Have you thought more about a Xmas-story?

      Thank you for looking out for me ❤

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