Writing Update

Early morning plotting

How come I always come up with all my ideas when I’m about to go to sleep, or early in the morning if I open my eyes even for just a second.

Like this morning. I stumbled into the bathroom and did my business and had every intention of going back to sleep. But as I pulled the cover over my head, an idea popped into my head.

I considered getting up to write, but I glared at the time and decided against it. But I was afraid of forgetting my idea, so I did what I always do. I texted myself.

But can someone tell me why I can’t come up with any good ideas when I’m awake? Why, universe, why?

Skärmavbild 2017-03-24 kl. 18.54.07

And I realize 8AM might not seem so early for you, but it is for me. I’m a night owl and 8AM is basically before the rooster crows in my world. 

Anyway. The redheaded beauty is Casey and the story is going to be about him.