Nell Iris

Tired writer



This is me. Seriously. All last week I was too tired to get any writing done, and yesterday I was too tired to even post my writing update like I usually do on Mondays. Bad, lazy writer.

I’m tired, guys. I either need two weeks sleep or a coffee IV-drip, whatever’s more efficient.

Anyway. What did I do last week? I edited one chapter of The Locked Room. I wrote a bonus scene to celebrate my one week anniversary of the release of Unconditionally. I decided to name MC2 in my WIP Jerome. And I mocked up a cover for Find His Way Home.

That’s it. Let’s hope this week turns out to be more productive.


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4 thoughts on “Tired writer

  1. That was productive! It doesn’t have to be new words on a WIP to be considered progress. 🙂 (and just imagine how tired you’d be if you had to deal with Daylight Saving Time!)

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    • Yeah, you’re right, of course. It’s just that I spent a lot of time in my comfy arm chair reading, and didn’t feel productive. And I’ve worked so hard the weeks before, so this felt like nothing in comparison. But it’s not nothing. I gotta stop putting myself down. Lucky I’ve got you to kick my ass when needed 😉

      And yes! I’m so happy that we don’t have DST. Stupid, good-for-nothing thing. 🙂

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  2. maybe a good thrilling read would wake you up? Lest week finished the edits for yakuza 2. So happy to give that story to someone else to look over…even if in 2 week it’ll be back in my hands to work over.

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    • I think I might, actually, because what I’m reading right now is too sugary even for me. So I need some eyeballs in a glass to avoid getting virtual diabetes 😀


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