The annoying song

Unconditionally starts with Gus in a bar. He sips his beer and complains about an annoying song.

“Oh, no, not again.”

Gus Hanson groaned when the first notes of last year’s most irritating song started playing. The Big Gay Handbook probably dictated every gay man should love Britney, but Gus just couldn’t. He cringed at her infantile moaning and wanted to forever scrub the image of her in the Lolita schoolgirl uniform from his retinas.

Are you curious about what song it is that he doesn’t like? It’s this one:

5 thoughts on “The annoying song”

    1. Lol, I would have if this scene didn’t take place in 2009! But she hadn’t made that song yet, so I had to google other annoying songs from 2008 (since this was from the year before). Hence, Womanizer! 😀


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