Inspirational pictures

I save a lot of inspirational pictures for my stories and I thought I’d share some with you for Unconditionally.

First my inspiration for Gus and Luca:



“You look exactly like the new Mr. Spock.” The guy smiled, and Gus almost swooned at the sight of the corners of his lush mouth curling up. “I think it’s the eyebrows,” the guy continued and traced his finger along Gus’s right eyebrow. “Or the nose.” The finger changed direction and continued down the bridge of his nose.


His dark brown hair reached his chin and had the slightest curl at the ends. Long bangs covered one of his eyes, leaving only one dark, glittering eye visible and trained on Gus. But his lips stole all Gus’s attention. Full, pouty lips, curved up in an amused smile. Lips that glistened in the dim light at the bar like he’d just licked them or put something on them.


Top left picture: the picture that inspired the entire story (read more here)
Top right picture: Luca’s favorite lip gloss. Or was it Gus’s? 🙂
Low left picture: Gus’s mom gave him an old stethoscope for his sixth birthday
Low right picture: Luca’s wedding tux, without shirt and everything. Drives Gus mad…in a good way 🙂


Unconditionally is available for purchase on all these sites:

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It’s also available on Kindle Unlimited, so if you subscribe you can read it for free!


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