Writing Update

Hard working writer!

I’ve been working like a fiend these last couple days. Since I wrote this post, I’ve done the following:

  • revised and edited Find His Way Home. I’m going to do another run through on Monday, but after that I think I’m done
  • written (and agonized over) a blurb for FHWH
  • started writing a detailed summary for FHWH
  • written and scheduled four blog posts for when I’m away (including this one). I have a guest on Sunday, make sure you stop by!
  • written and scheduled two blog posts for my private blog
  • organized and sent all the promo material to Signal Boost Promotion. They’re arranging a release blitz for the upcoming release of Unconditionally.

Told you I work better under pressure!

Now I can in good conscience enjoy my stay at the beach, don’t you think? 🙂

Writing Update


Guys, can we talk about blurbs? And how they are harder to write than the actual story and quite possibly the worst thing ever?

If I was religious, I would damn them all to hell. What is the science-y equivalent to hell, by the way? A black hole? In that case I wish that all blurbs will be sucked into the biggest, baddest blurb-eating black hole in the universe—that’s how much I dislike them.

We live in a technological world, computers can pretty much do everything. Why isn’t there softwear available to write blurbs for us? I imagine how I would copy my entire Word-document with my book, and paste the text into a program (that I’d be willing to pay handsomly for, thank you very much!) Then I’d press the execute-button, wait a few minutes while the computer works its magic, and smile happily when it produces the perfect blurb a few minutes later.

It can’t be impossible, can it?

And if you’re guessing that I’m in the process of writing a blurb for Find His Way Home, you’re absolutely right.

This is how far I’ve gotten:


Yes, I took the time to express my frustration in Word Art. Yes, I’m a grown up—stop looking at me like that.

Ah, well. I’ll stop being a pathetic, whiny writer now, and go back to work. Wish me luck.

About Nell

You know you’re a writer when…

Yesterday we booked a trip to a Malaysian island called Penang, flying out on Friday, returning on Sunday. We’re celebrating the 45th birthday of both my husband and our friend visiting from Sweden. We’ll stay at a lovely hotel by the beach, sip on colorful drinks with tiny umbrellas, gorge on  super sweet pineapple, swim in the ridiculously hot ocean, and enjoy ourselves.

It’s just… I woke up at dawn with a gasp and my hand clutched to my chest, Hollywood style. Something I hadn’t thought about when we made the arrangements yesterday, had occurred to me in my sleep!

This means three days of editing Find His Way Home is stolen from me! And I’m on a deadline! 

So I spent some time mentally going through what I still have to do, and arranged my schedule for the coming days before my mind got calm enough so I could go back to sleep. But I woke up feeling stressed. As writers we never really have days off, there’s always a deadline or something poking our brains, demanding attention.

And then I remembered I work best under pressure, so it’ll most likely turn out okay.

Ah well, I’m sure all this anxiety will be forgotten when I strut around here on Friday:


And if that’s not enough: our room is a great incentive to be done in time. We have access to the pool directly from the deck outside our room. Like this:


And I can always lie sprawled on one of the sun beds on my deck, and do research on my phone for my new WIP if I feel like a bad, lazy writer. Right?

I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine. But I better get to work now 😀

Find His Way Home, Nell's WIP, The Locked Room, Unconditionally

Writing update

Mondays mean writing updates, and here’s what I did last week:

I proofread Unconditionally, or at least I tried. Proofreading something I’ve written and already read a gazillion times was really hard, and I had to really concentrate to read the actual words, not what my brain knew it was supposed to say. But I found some errors, and was kind of happy when I did. Better I find them now, than after it’s published.

I finished Find His Way Home, sent it to my betas and one of them were faster than lightning reading it, and returned it to me the next day. So I said Stop, don’t read to my other beta, edited the story like a fiend, and sent it revised to her on Friday. And on Sunday morning when I woke up she was finished. I might have to send flowers to both of them, as a thank you for being so great!

I edited almost an entire chapter of The Locked Room. I would have done more, but I had more pressing deadlines, so I’ll continue this week.

And on Friday after I sent FHWH to my second beta, I thought to myself: I’m going to give myself a couple days off now, and then promptly sat down and started a new WIP. So much for vacation! 🙂 It’s untitled so far, but it begins with one of the MCs (Leon) hiding in a stall in the men’s room, and someone—unbidden—sticks his you-know-what through a glory hole. (No, it’s not MC2 🙂 ) Sort of like a real life dick-pic. It was also very interesting researching glory-hole-etiquette (yes, there is such a thing!). After I was done I said to my husband If you love me, don’t ever check my Google search history. He promised not to 😀

All in all, I’ve had yet another productive week. And considering that we have an old friend visiting from Sweden, I’m extra happy with the fact I’ve managed to write so much. Go me! 🙂

Coming Soon, Rainbow Snippets, Unconditionally



Last week I joined the Rainbow Snippets group on Facebook. According to their description, “it’s a group for LGBTQ+ authors, readers, and bloggers to gather once a week to share six sentences from a work of fiction—a WIP or a finished work of even 6-sentence book recommendation (no spoilers please!).”

My snippet this week is from my short story Unconditionally. When we left Luca last week, he was upset because his mother had called him a freak on his wedding day. This is from the same scene, but not directly after.

He stared at himself in the mirror, watched as tears trickled down his face but made no attempt to brush them away. The indecision made his heart ache, and a distraught sob escaped him.

Before he could think, he walked over to the door, opened it, and started running.

He ran through the hallway, down the stairs, and out on the street. He hesitated a second outside the entrance. Then he turned right and ran, the beautiful veil sparkling and billowing behind him.




I’m getting super excited for the release. Less than two weeks to go!!

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