Nell Iris

Instead of writing update: beach picture


Mondays are usually for writing updates, but since I told you on Friday what I’ve been up to and have been lazing about the entire weekend it feels unnecessary.

Instead I’ll post a beach picture for you to enjoy, while I finish the edits on Find His Way Home.

It’s taken this weekend in Penang. The ocean was so warm it was like stepping into a shower and I splashed around like a kid, pretending to be a mermaid. Thankfully there’s no pictures of that 🙂


Aaaah, I miss the island already. I wonder if I can persuade my husband to move? I bet editing would be much more fun on the beach, or what do you think? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Instead of writing update: beach picture

  1. Definitely much more fun! (Although I’m not convinced much editing would actually happen) 😉

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