Writing Update


Guys, can we talk about blurbs? And how they are harder to write than the actual story and quite possibly the worst thing ever?

If I was religious, I would damn them all to hell. What is the science-y equivalent to hell, by the way? A black hole? In that case I wish that all blurbs will be sucked into the biggest, baddest blurb-eating black hole in the universe—that’s how much I dislike them.

We live in a technological world, computers can pretty much do everything. Why isn’t there softwear available to write blurbs for us? I imagine how I would copy my entire Word-document with my book, and paste the text into a program (that I’d be willing to pay handsomly for, thank you very much!) Then I’d press the execute-button, wait a few minutes while the computer works its magic, and smile happily when it produces the perfect blurb a few minutes later.

It can’t be impossible, can it?

And if you’re guessing that I’m in the process of writing a blurb for Find His Way Home, you’re absolutely right.

This is how far I’ve gotten:


Yes, I took the time to express my frustration in Word Art. Yes, I’m a grown up—stop looking at me like that.

Ah, well. I’ll stop being a pathetic, whiny writer now, and go back to work. Wish me luck.