About Nell

You know you’re a writer when…

Yesterday we booked a trip to a Malaysian island called Penang, flying out on Friday, returning on Sunday. We’re celebrating the 45th birthday of both my husband and our friend visiting from Sweden. We’ll stay at a lovely hotel by the beach, sip on colorful drinks with tiny umbrellas, gorge on  super sweet pineapple, swim in the ridiculously hot ocean, and enjoy ourselves.

It’s just… I woke up at dawn with a gasp and my hand clutched to my chest, Hollywood style. Something I hadn’t thought about when we made the arrangements yesterday, had occurred to me in my sleep!

This means three days of editing Find His Way Home is stolen from me! And I’m on a deadline! 

So I spent some time mentally going through what I still have to do, and arranged my schedule for the coming days before my mind got calm enough so I could go back to sleep. But I woke up feeling stressed. As writers we never really have days off, there’s always a deadline or something poking our brains, demanding attention.

And then I remembered I work best under pressure, so it’ll most likely turn out okay.

Ah well, I’m sure all this anxiety will be forgotten when I strut around here on Friday:


And if that’s not enough: our room is a great incentive to be done in time. We have access to the pool directly from the deck outside our room. Like this:


And I can always lie sprawled on one of the sun beds on my deck, and do research on my phone for my new WIP if I feel like a bad, lazy writer. Right?

I’m pretty sure I’ll be fine. But I better get to work now 😀