About Nell, Writing Challenge

Day 30 #30DayWritingChallenge

This is the final day of the writing challenge. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have, and now you know a little a lot more about me. I hope you still want to be friends 🙂 

Your highs and lows for the month

My month started on a low, writer wise. After spending a couple weeks in Sweden for Christmas and suffering from a bad case of jet lag after I got home, I had a really hard time to get back to my writing. That’s why I decided to do this challenge: to find my writing flow.

At first it didn’t work. I wrote the daily challenge and enjoyed it, but it didn’t encourage my “real” writing. After finishing the topic of the day, my brain said That’s it, you’re done. That was the task of the day, now you can go back to watching videos on Youtube. Not very helpful, let me assure you.

But when I wrote about how the challenge wasn’t helping, a trusted writer friend offered me some great advice. She suggested I write all the topics in one or two days, that would probably kickstart my writing properly. So I tried. I sat down and wrote 12 challenges in one day, and the next day I opened my WIP and wrote words. Actual words.

After that, I’ve finished said WIP (well, except for the fact there will be editing, and editing, and editing…), written the rest of the challenges, critiqued a writer friend’s WIP, edited and prepared Unconditionally for release, and gotten a great start—finally!—to the editing of The Locked Room, which had started to feel like a herculean task.

So a month later, I’m ending this challenge on a high note. I’m happy to say it worked, even if I had to tweak the concept along the way. And now it’s up to me to keep it up. And to figure out a plan for my next trip to Sweden so that this doesn’t happen again.