The perks of being married

You know when you’ve written your hero into a precarious situation, and suddenly get stuck, thinking How will he get himself out of this situation?

Say the hero was pushed against a door by a mean, old drunkard, who squeezed the hero’s neck with one hand, and had caught one of the hero’s hands with his other. Yes, only one, the other of our hero’s hands is in his pocket, and drunkard didn’t notice.

Seems easy enough to get out of, I suppose, but our hero was surprised by the drunkard’s presence, and he was also exhausted after doing physical labor all day.

But I knew he would get himself out, as soon as the surprise wore off. I just didn’t know how. I’m not really a fighter.

“Honey, are you busy?” I asked my husband, deciding to call in reinforcements.
“No, why?”
“Would you mind standing here by the door for me for a second?”

He didn’t mind, and I positioned him the way our hero was positioned. Then I tried to be the old, mean drunkard, but bearing in mind that my husband is seven inches taller than I am, it wasn’t super easy. It’s hard to be mean and threatening when you can barely reach his neck to pretend squeeze it.

“Now, how would you free yourself?” I asked
“Well, I’m not really stuck, am I?”
I sighed. I might even have rolled my eyes. He’s so literal sometimes. “You have to imagine that I’m your height, that I’m pinning your body against the door with mine, and that this is a real grip on your neck, not a careful one because I don’t wanna hurt you.”
“Ah, ok,” he said and pushed himself closer to the door for good measure.

And then he went ahead and showed me how he would get away from my grip. If it had been a real, menacing one, that is. 😁

So now you know. If you ever read Find His Way Home and get to the point where Elliot is pinned to the door by his father, this is a behind-the-scenes story. 😁

Husbands are pretty great sometimes. (Most of the time).


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