Day 24 #30DayWritingChallenge

Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way

I don’t handle stress well.

I had a very busy job back in Sweden before we moved to Malaysia. I’d worked my way up in the company and secured a somewhat successful position, with decent pay. At first I liked it. It challenged me and and made me think in new ways, and I looked forward to going to work.

But over the years things changed. There were cuts in the company, resulting in more responsibilities and even longer hours for me. I had a demanding boss that was impossible to please, who wanted me to finish projects with no resources or help. My work situation finally became unbearable and my stomach ached when I was going to work.

Six months before I moved to Malaysia some personal things happened on top of all the work stress, and that was the final drop. I powered through the situation because I’m stubborn as f*ck, but when I arrived in Kuala Lumpur I spent the first year lying on a sun bed by the pool, doing nothing, trying to slow down.

And even if I feel better now, I can’t handle stress. When I have too many plans or too much to do I break down and cry, and my eczema breaks out.

I try to avoid it as much as I can, but it’s not always possible. But I will make sure I never end up in a similar situation I was in before again. I can’t handle it.


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