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When the brain refuses to sleep

As you probably know by now, if you’re a regular here at my blog, I’m a night owl and am most creative late evenings and nights. I was up writing until 2AM last night and could have continued for a couple more hours, but my cleaning lady comes on Tuesdays, and I had to go to bed so I’d be awake when she got here.

The problem is my brain. It was still in writing mode, and while I was tossing and turning in bed, squeezing my eyes shut, thinking You have to sleep now, Nell, or you’ll be a zombie tomorrow, it kept working.

But I’ve learned to listen, and if I come up with an idea I like, I…ehum…text myself the idea so I won’t forget it. (I would use paper and pen, but it’s dark!) 😁

Like this: (And what I’m about to write next in my story is Elliot and Mick having a phone conversation, where Elliot jokingly accuses Mick of not being romantic. And how Mick defends himself, saying he is.) (Oh, and also for backstory: Elliot loves Shakespeare)


This is going to be some kind of dialogue, I’ll write it today and try to make it work. Wish me luck.

And see the time stamps on those messages? How many of you think I was a zombie this morning? 🙂

What do you do when you get and idea you don’t want to forget? 🙂

5 thoughts on “When the brain refuses to sleep”

    1. “I could be romantic.”

      “Riiiight.” Elliot smiled. Mick was many things: incredibly loyal, kind, smart, and hot as fuck, but romantic wasn’t one of them.

      “I could!”

      “Okay, go ahead.”


      “Yes. Prove me wrong.”

      “Hmmm…” Mick’s deep voice rumbled, making Elliot shiver. “Well, what if I say your pink hole is pretty like a rosebud?”

      “What?” Elliot burst out into laughter.

      “What was it Juliet said? Something about a rose smelling good whatever it was called? I bet she was talking about Romeo’s posterior. Why else would she have to address the name thing?”

      Elliot laughed even harder and shook his head. So typical of Mick to never use crude language. Who even used the word “posterior” anymore?

      “No, I know! I bet it was the Bard’s way of wooing one of the actors. He saw someone with a great rear end, and he wanted to tap it, so he wrote that line to impress him.”

      “Holy shit, stop!” Elliot howled, grabbing the table, afraid he’d fall down laughing.

      “What?” Mick sounded offended.

      “You can’t…that’s not…” He gasped for air, trying to stop laughing long enough to create a complete sentence. “You’re not doing a very good job of being romantic.”

      “I’m not?”

      How about that? The sonnet thing will be included later 🙂

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