I woke up to an e-mail this morning: “Hi there! I’m your editor for Unconditionally.”


“First off, I LOVE this story.”


And also:



When I was done jumping for joy, the anxiety poked my brain. What if the entire document is full of red? What if, what if, what if? 

So I didn’t open the document. Instead I did important stuff, like checking my Facebook. Drank juice. Paced around. Then I gave myself a mental smack on the head and opened the damn thing:


(If you’re confused my Word speaks Swedish to me. “Borttaget” means deleted) 

…and wondered what I’d been so worried about. You have no idea how relieved I was when I scrolled through the document, and at first glance kind of agreed with all the suggested edits.

My editor had opinions about my sentences, that tend to be rather long sometimes. (Word tells me this time and time again, but I don’t listen 🙂 ) And well…commas. Which is a surprise to absolutely no one (wouldn’t you agree, Addison? 😉 ).

But in general: not nearly as much red as I’d feared, even if not all the pages is as neat as this one.

I’m excited to get to work. It feels real now.



2 thoughts on “Edits!!

    1. Yeah, it was exciting when I got over the anxiety. My editor was very gracious as well. I bombarded her with questions because I didn’t want to fuck up or create more work for her, and she was very patient and answered them all 🙂

      I haven’t gotten a release date yet. All I know is “March” 🙂

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