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Day 11 #30DayWritingChallenge

Something you always think “What if…” about

Many years ago there was an event in my life I think “What if…” about from time to time. Something big, life altering, and also too personal to share here. It wasn’t something I had ever planned for and I was upset at first. But I adjusted quickly and can’t see my life any other way now.

When I think of that event in my life, and wonder what would have happened if it had gone the other way, my heart aches and I almost cry.

I’m really sorry for being so vague, but I have a clip to illustrate how I feel.Β It’s from Sex and the City when Carrie is moving to Paris and she and the girls have their farewell dinner:

Today I had a thought. What if I…What if I had never met you?

2 thoughts on “Day 11 #30DayWritingChallenge”

  1. I do that all the time, too. There are even parts I would like to erase, but it always ends up with me saying I love my life now, and whatever the path was that got me here, I don’t want to change it just in case the effect of cutting out the negatives would alter my current situation.

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    1. Yeah, I feel that way too. I had an incredible conversation about this with someone several years ago, and I said I wished I could have erased a relationship I had when I was younger. But he (the one I was talking to) told me all these reasons why I shouldn’t do that, and how I should try to see it as a lesson and learn from it instead. “Because of him you now know what you DON’T want” he said, and that’s incredibly true. This was a conversation I will never forget, and even the bad stuff that happens in life gets a little easier when I think about it like that. It’s hard when it’s fresh, but with time and distance it works really well πŸ™‚

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