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Day 7 #30DayWritingChallenge

List 10 songs that you’re loving right now

Only ten? The person who wrote this challenge clearly doesn’t understand how much I listen to music. To choose only ten is…impossible! Ah well, I’ll do my best.

And since this is a writing challenge, I’ll be doing a little more writing than just listing the songs. I felt like I cheated yesterday 🙂

Here they are, in no particular order (and I’ve put links to each song on Spotify if you’re interested in listening. You don’t have to have a Spotify subscription to listen, just click the link and play it in your browser (should work!)):

Hope There’s Someone by Antony and the Johnsons (Spotify link)
I love the ethereal quality of Ahnoni’s (formerly known as Antony) voice. It’s so unique and full of feeling, and she sends shivers down my spine when she opens her mouth.

Wednesday Morning 3 AM by Simon & Garfunkel (Spotify link)
Sounds of Silence has always been my favorite song by S&G, but one day I was listening to a record I’d heard a million times, and suddenly it was like I heard this song for the first time. Like I hadn’t understood its greatness before. And it IS great, and I absolutely adore S&G’s harmonies.

Play by Jaremi Carey (Spotify link)
This is a new song in a style I usually don’t listen to. But it’s is sensual and the video is SMOKING HOT! Two cute boys making out, playing with paint. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it, but bring Kleenex to wipe away the drool from your keyboard! 😉

Since I’ve Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin (Spotify link)
My husband introduced me to Led Zeppelin, and it’s my all time favorite rock band. And Robert Plant…there are no words to express how much I love his 70s voice when he was in his prime. He’s undoubtedly one of the greatest rock singers in history, and he’s so freaking charismatic I can’t take my eyes off him. AND he was darn sexy, and cute with his 70’s curls. (I think I might have to use him as inspiration in one of my books! 🙂 ) Don’t believe me? Look for yourself!

Lucky by Radiohead (Spotify link)
The same thing happened with this song like with Wednesday Morning 3AM. Radiohead’s album OK Computer has been one of my favorites since it was released in 1997 and I’ve listened to it sooo many times. It’s full of great songs, so this gem was kind of lost in the cracks for me until I discovered last year, 19 years after I first heard it. Isn’t it amazing when that happens? 🙂

My Mother Had A Brother by George Michael (Spotify link)
I love, love, LOVE the lyrics to this song, and it’s a story from his real life. He sings it with such feeling and I can feel it all the way down to my bones. One of my favorite quotes is from this song: So those of us who have nothing to fear / We’ve got to make damn sure that it was worth it. Feels extra meaningful in current times.


Ingen sjunger blues som Jeffrey Lee Pierce by Joakim Thåström (Spotify link)
This is my favorite—and one of the most well-known—Swedish artists. Joakim Thåström has been a part of the Swedish music scene since the 70s when he was the front man of our most famous punk band Ebba Grön. I guess I was around 10 years when I heard him the first time and I’ve loved him ever since.

Stay by Rhianna, feat. Mikky Ekko (Spotify link)
Rhianna is not someone I usually listen to, but this summer my darling daughter and her boyfriend were here for a visit, and on the day they were going back home we were sitting around by the pool grumbling about it. We didn’t want them to leave (of course) and they didn’t want to go back. So we had fun, playing songs for each other on the theme “Don’t go”, “Stay”, and such. And she played this song and I loved it.

Bei Mir Bist Du Schön by Puppini Sisters (Spotify link)
Puppini Sisters is a British close harmony vocal trio, and they chose their name in honor of Andrew Sisters. They are doing covers of old AS songs (like this one), but they also arrange current pop songs in the same style. (Like Crazy in Love by Beyonce). Listening to Puppini Sisters always gets me in a great mood, and I can’t help but sing along.

Heart of Gold by Neil Young (Spotify link)
I’ve loved this song forever, but Neil Young removed all his music from Spotify a year ago, and since all my CDs and vinyls are in storage in Sweden, I didn’t listen to him for the longest time. But suddenly, out of the blue, he puts his music back again, and I’ve listen to this song a gazillion times since. Also: there’s an AMAZING live performance of this song from 1971 I would recommend you watch if you’re a fan of the song:

So, there you have it. Ten of my current favorite songs. Tell me some of yours? 🙂

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