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Best books 2016

If we ignore how shitty last year was for a second and concentrate on something good I have to say I read quite a few great books in 2016. I read a lot less than I usually do, but I guess that’s what happens when I try to write, too.

This is what Goodreads have to say about my statistics (this is from my personal account, not my author account):


246 books isn’t the entire truth though. I’ve been on a re-read binge and re-read a lot of books last year (and I haven’t found a way for Goodreads to make them count if they’re already added to my library. If you know a way, let me know) so I’d estimate that I need to add 50-100 books to that list to make it correct.

Four of the books were poetry books. The rest MM romance 😁

The statistics also show that I love short stories, an average of 134 pages. And what can’t be seen on this image is that my average rating for 2016 was 3.3 stars. I’d say that’s quite good.

I thought I’d make a list of my the best books I read last year and a few of them will even be reviewed here on the blog eventually.

Here’s my Top 12 Books of 2016 – in no particular order.


I’d recommend all of these books and they’re all on my re-read list for the future.

What were your favorites from last year? πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “Best books 2016”

  1. oh my you read so much! haha I always end up reading a little but then stopping and in about two weeks with a book I just spend a day finishing. I really enjoyed You by Caroline Kepnes it was super creepy and awesome! I also read Write Publish Repeat, which really got me into how I’m writing now. A lot of good non-fiction yakuza books were nice to read too.

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    1. I guess I am reading a lot. It’s jus, a couple of years ago I read almost 1000 books in one year so less than 300 feels like a failure. “You” sounds interesting, I’ll keep it in mind for when I’m in the mood for something not MM romance again πŸ™‚


  2. That’s a lot of reading. I need to make more time for that. I’m honored to have one of my stories on your favorites list! πŸ™‚

    3.3 is a good average, especially if you rate everything you read, whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent. It’s exactly what one would expect an average to be. Too often we get hung up on that number 5 as if anything less is unworthy.

    Most of my favorites of 2016 came later in the year. I finally started Jordan L. Hawk’s Whyborne & Griffin series (currently working on book 3), and love those. I was also thrilled to see the release of another installment in Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English Mysteries in the final days of the year, and I loved how there was no fresh significant drama in the romance arc which had previously been loosely tied up. Earlier in the year was another story in J.L. Merrow’s The Plumber’s Mate series, which also lived up to my hopes and expectations.

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    1. Yes, I rate everything I read (in my private real-name Goodreads account), from 1 star up to 5. And you’re right, it’s so weird that some authors are insulted when readers “only” give them 4 stars. It blows my mind, 4 stars is a great rating!! But I’m being more restrictive on my author account because I don’t want to be considered a bitch πŸ™‚

      I haven’t read any of your books. I tend to steer clear of series about the same couple because I hate it when authors are mean to their MCs and f*ck up the relationship the MCs worked so hard for in book 1 πŸ™‚ But which one would you recommend, keeping that in mind? πŸ™‚

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      1. In the Adrien English mysteries, each book is a separate mystery, but the relationship arc takes the full series to work itself out. It’s not like they have an HEA at the end of book one, and proceed to manufacture fresh relationship drama for each book. Book 1 they meet and interact and you end up feeling like the one guy’s a bit of a dick, but they agree to maybe date at the end of it. The one MC’s (Jake) character develops throughout the series so you slowly get to rooting for him. If you go for it you will be eternally grateful that you don’t have to wait a year between books to see what happens next in the relationship arc. The relationship aspect reaches a satisfactory end after book 5, the recent addition is just icing on the cake, and thankfully didn’t throw a fresh monkey wrench into any of it. Even the mystery was more lightweight, but that was perfectly fine. A host of interesting side characters also add a lot to the story. I would recommend this one if you are fine with a drawn-out relationship arc including fantastic character development. Bear in mind, the relationship has some serious ups and downs throughout the process, with some books even ending with them apart. (Contemporary, USA)

        If you like an element of comedy in your stories I recommend anything at all by J.L. Merrow, but I am particularly attached to the Plumber’s Mate series. They are a good couple. Another good thing is although the relationship progresses with each story (mysteries), I don’t remember that there is any fresh big relationship drama tearing them apart once they establish themselves. Also, it’s more of an HFN at the end of book 1, but is working more and more toward an HEA. (Contemporary, England)

        I highly recommend both of the above series. So far I love the Whyborne & Griffin stories. They are well done and intriguing. So far I don’t see any sign of a fresh huge rift in the relationship, but I’m only part-way through book 3 (of 6?). This one also has some comedic flair and a great side-character. (Historical, Fantasy/Paranormal, USA)

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