Auto-buy authors?

I’ve come across a challenge on Facebook several times lately, where you’re supposed to list 20 authors on your auto-buy list, i.e. authors you automatically buy without even reading the blurb.

It got me thinking. Would I be able to name 20 auto-buy authors? Do I even have one?

I have lots of favorite authors and my ears instantly perk up when I hear any of them has a new release coming out. But are they on my auto-buy list?

The answer is no. There’s no author out there I’d buy blind, based on the fact that I’ve loved everything else they’ve put out.

The reason is that there are some genres and tropes that I really dislike and will not spend my money on. Like steampunk. I’ve read several steampunk books but to be honest they bore me to tears and my eyes start glazing over when I get to the parts with all descriptions. For the same reason I steer clear of high fantasy; my brain just can’t process hobbits or a world consisting of a flat disc balanced on the back of four elephants standing on the back of a giant turtle. What does that even look like? Heck if I know!

I don’t like to read about people using drugs. I have no problem reading about ex-users on their way to a better life, but when there’s actual drug use, and little or no intention to stop, it’s a no-go.

And don’t even get me started on cliffhangers (which are the only reason I read the entire 50 Shades-trilogy that I hated with every fibre of my entire being: books 1 and 2 ended in a cliffhanger), The Big Misunderstanding (talk to each other people, it’s not that difficult!!), or bad research (like the book I read where the MC’s were to be separated but swore to each other to keep in touch via Skype. In 1995. A simple visit to Google would have told the author Skype didn’t exist until 2003).

For example: A Private Gentleman ended up on my DNF-list because of drug use, even though Heidi Cullinan is one of my favorite authors. I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Amy Lane so far, but I’ll never buy Under the Rushes, because of steampunk.

Cardeno C. has written many, many books on my list of favorites and has never let me down yet. But what if they write a steampunk book with a druggie MC who refuses to communicate, and then it all ends in a big old cliffhanger? No. Just no.

Which is why I don’t have an auto-buy list.

What about you? Are you picky like me, or do you have favorites that can get away with anything? I’d like to know 🙂


5 thoughts on “Auto-buy authors?

  1. I think I have a lot of auto-buys especially when it comes to manga series. I adore Ayano Yamane, and love Ten Count so much I’d eat up anything by Rihito Takarai now. Maybe more contemporary I really enjoy Tricia Owens Dom series so…I just buy when a new one is out without thinking much of it. Neil Gaiman used to be an auto buy for me but…not so much now…


    1. Cool. Do you read any kind of manga? (because there are sub-genres, right? I didn’t get that wrong?)
      Stephen King used to be an auto-buy for me, but I guess I kind of outgrew his books. I haven’t read one in ages.


      1. there are lots of sub-genres. I only read M/M manga, but within that genre I’m open. (I won’t to like highschool romance or like student/teacher though, but that’s even for text novels too) Ayano Yamane has a yakuza series I love and then a fantasy series at the same time.


  2. I come close to sharing your opinion on this. My auto-buys are minimal (two…J.L. Merrow and Josh Lanyon). There are many that I look at anything new they put out, but don’t auto-buy unless the story appeals. Steampunk isn’t a favorite of mine, but I don’t auto-reject it, either.

    I guess it comes down to the fact that I’ve never been burned by anything either of my auto-buys has written. They are so good, that no matter the topic it’ll be interesting/entertaining. A short by J.L. Merrow recently even had a golden showers scene–something that, if pressed to name topics to place on an auto-reject list, would have been on it–but she managed to make it more comedic than anything else, and I wasn’t put off by it.


    1. Interesting that your two auto buys are authors I don’t read at all. I’ve read a couple of JL Merrow (liked Muscling Through a lot!) and nothing by Josh Lanyon. But Lanyon writes mysteries, right? And I’m kind of over mysteries. It was all I read for a long period of time, and it all started with Agatha Christie when I was a kid. And I read mysteries, serial killers, medical examiners…anything crime-related I loved it. I read so much of it I got fed up, so now I don’t read mysteries anymore. Hence, no Josh Lanyon 🙂

      Hilarious with the golden shower scene. What was the short, maybe I need to read it? 🙂


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