Nell's WIP

Update: WIP and plans

Here’s an update on what I’m currently doing:

The Locked Room
No news since my last update, other than I’ve decided it’s okay for me to let it rest as long as I feel is needed. I don’t want to publish something rushed, something I’m not completely happy with, so instead it’s collecting virtual dust in my computer at the moment. The passion for it is slowly returning and I’m re-reading the comments from my betas, deciding which ones I agree with and which ones I don’t. Mentally preparing for the editing process.

Just the Way You Are
I’m almost done with the edits after the second round of beta-reading. It’s so much easier to edit than The Locked Room and the edits are going really well. I’ll tell you more about the story soon enough, but right now I’m a little protective of it. I’m not ready to share it all with the world yet.

In addition to those two WIPs I’ve also written 15K words on another project called Don’t Forget to Breathe. I’ve spent hours researching the project and coming up with a backstory for the two main characters who I really love, btw. But where I went wrong was I planned to much of the plot and that restricted me and disrupted my creativity. So I threw away the plans and have tried to forget them so I can continue from here.

I also have a new project poking my brain, demanding my attention. So now I have to decide whether to resume work on Don’t Forget to Breathe, or let it rest a little more and give the new guys air time.

But before I decide what to do next, I need lunch! Have a great day everyone. 🙂