About Nell

Too much editing

I’ve spent the weekend editing. I’ve probably edited too much. Why do I say that, you ask? Well, I watched an old episode of Project Runway earlier because I needed to clear my brain. And when one of the contestants said: “Currently right now, I’m working on this piece”, I said out loud to my computer: “‘Currently right now’? You don’t need both, use one or the other!”

Do I need to attend and Editoholics Anonymous meeting? “Hello, my name is Nell Iris and I’m trying to edit dialogue on a one-year-old TV-show.” 😁


And it isn’t even The Locked Room I’ve edited. No, it was my short story—with the title Just the way you are—that I got back from my critique partner earlier this week. I spent the week considering her very helpful comments and I edited during the weekend, fixing it so I could send it to my second critique partner today.

I’ll probably get to The Locked Room tomorrow. If the two new guys hogging my attention don’t win the fight over Zach and Mason and I start writing their story instead. 😁

Have a great week.