Super Short


I love to write. You already know about The Locked Room and the short story I wrote, but I also have another WIP (currently on hold) and I’m plotting another story. And if that wasn’t enough I write this blog, my own personal blog (in Swedish for my family and friends), and I write a lot of poetry. 

And sometimes I write these super short stories, with 1000 words or less, just to practice. To hone my craft and get better. So today I thought I’d publish one of those super shorts here for you to read. 

It’s inspired by this picture: (source)


Tearing down walls


The first rays of the rising sun woke me up. The light pierced my eyes and it took me awhile to adjust, to be able to focus my gaze on him. I blinked and watched as the light of dawn danced on his dark skin, painting him golden brown. He looked relaxed; sleep had smoothed the deep furrows usually marring his handsome face. As if he’s finally found peace from whatever was bothering him.

But all was not right. I glanced down and saw the wall of blankets between us. Every night was the same, his blanket and sometimes even pillows ended up between us. Kept me away from him. I swallowed around a lump in my throat. Why did he do it? Was being close to me so repulsive to him these days?

My fingers itched to touch him. Instead, I captured my hands between my naked thighs, not knowing if my touch would be welcome anymore. Tears welled up in my eyes and spilled down my cheeks, blurring the image of him. Distorting his features, his sharp cheekbones, and the full lips I ached to kiss.

“When did you stop loving me?” I whispered.

He opened his eyes, his eyelids were heavy and sluggish and his coffee eyes full of sadness and fatigue.

 “I didn’t.” His voice was raw and pained. “I still love you,” he whispered.

I gasped at his words. They didn’t make sense; all his actions lately had told me otherwise. But I wanted to believe him.

“What happened to us?”

For months I’d tried to figure out why we’d drifted apart. Why our passion and togetherness were replaced with this void where we’re only existing side by side? When had loving kisses turned into a stiff back turned to me in the night?

What had I done to push him away?

He hadn’t been willing to talk and I hadn’t been able to come up with an answer by myself. I had been drifting in a sea of bewilderment for the longest time. I still was.

He reached out and cupped my bearded cheek with a calloused palm, using the pad of his thumb to wipe away the wetness leaking from my eyes. I closed my eyes and reveled in his touch, loving the feeling of warmth radiating from his hand. Hoping it would thaw my frozen soul.

I felt him shift on the bed and my heart fluttered at the thought of him climbing over the wall of blankets to lie next to me. When he tangled his legs with mine a loud sob escaped me. I didn’t dare to open my eyes; I was afraid all this would be a dream.

 “I’m sorry.” His voice was a trembling whisper, but it gave me the courage to finally open my eyes and look at him. “I never meant to shut you out.”

I moved closer, desperate to kiss him but not brave enough to take the final step. I reached over the blanket wall and put a tentative hand on his trim waist. He whimpered. It was just a hint of a noise, but it was enough to let me know my touch would be welcome. I leaned closer and only hesitated for a fraction of a second before finally pressing my lips against his.

 “I love you, I love you,” he sobbed against my mouth and my heart almost broke. “Please forgive me.”

“Of course,” I whispered. “Just don’t shut me out again.”

“I swear.”

He let go of me and grabbed the blankets between us, pulled at them and kicked them until they ended up on the floor. With the barrier gone, he scrambled close and threw his arms around me as I tugged him close. We clung to each other, holding each other so tight not even air could fit between us.

And finally, he started talking. “It’s my family…”

I knew this moment in the early morning light wasn’t enough to fix all that was broken, but I was willing to fight tooth and nail for us as long as he talked to me.

As long as I knew he still loved me.