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Some editing and a VIP-guest

Today I opened the manuscript for The Locked Room and didn’t hate it. Yay, victory!! I took advantage and started the editing process. And before you get all excited and start cheering me on: we’re talking baby steps only 😊

I divided up the document into chapter size, both my original manuscript and the commented documents from my betas. Opening the whole thing just makes me overwhelmed, so I thought I’d make it easier for myself. Also I made notes about changes/edits I plan on implementing, based on the comments.

That’s probably it for the week, though. But the notes will help me work through the changes in my head and it will make the actual work easier when I get to it. But the plan is to start real edits on chapter one next Monday.


I know I’ve said it before, but my critique group is the most awesomest group in the world. The thoughts and comments throughout the entire process have helped me immensely and I’m so grateful to them. And I’m not saying this to suck up, it’s the honest truth 😊

Finally I have an announcement. My tiny blog will have a VIP guest on Friday November 18th, so be sure to be on your best behavior when you visit. 😊

I really look forward to welcoming Addison Albright to my blog on Friday. She’s on tour for her latest book To Love and To Cherish and she’s making a stop here. Most importantly: she’s one of the fabulous people in my critique group that I rave about all the time, so make sure you stop by on Friday to say hi to her 😊