Nell's WIP

A snippet, but mostly a cute puppy

Like I promised myself I didn’t do any work on The Locked Room these last two weeks. When I opened the manuscript yesterday I still hated every word, so I’m going to give myself next week off too.

But I don’t want you to get bored with me, so I thought I’d bribe you with a picture of a very cute puppy and a snippet from the book. The picture is my inspiration för the puppy, Ben.

Brief backstory: Zach adopts an adorable puppy from a rescue group. It’s a mutt of unknown origin, but one thing is certain: it’s part Dalmatian. This short scene is from the day after the adoption when Mason and Zach are taking a walk with the new puppy in the park.

(And bear in mind that the excerpt still needs lots of work 🙂 )


“So, come on tell me his name.”

“Ben,” he says.

“Ben? Why Ben?”

I can see the blush creeping up his cheeks and he fiddles with the leash before he answers. “When I was a kid I loved that Michael Jackson song. My mom told me the song was about a boy and his best friend who was a dog, so I decided right then when I got my own dog his name was gonna be Ben.”

I stop dead in my tracks and stare at him, “You know that song is about a rat, right?”

“Yeah, I do now! But my mom was terrified of rats and couldn’t stand to even think about them, so she told me the song was about a dog.” He averts his eyes and I double over with laughter. I’m so loud several people around us in the park look our way as if trying to figure out what’s so funny. I straighten up, put my palm against his cheek and make him look at me.

There’s no trace of laughter left in my voice and I gaze straight into his eyes when I say: “Ben is a great name for a dog.”

“Yeah?” I’m glad to see his smile returning.

“Yeah.” I let go of his face and we start walking again. “That’s gotta be the most adorable story I’ve ever heard in my life.”