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Bad writer!

I’ve been a bad writer this week. I had planned on being done with my short story today, but for that to happen I have to sit down and actually…you know…write. Which I haven’t done this week. At all.

First life happened. Then I went to dinner with a 60-year old republican who thinks Trump is the best choice for president, and to stop myself from screaming I drank too much wine and was very, very tired the next day. And yesterday we had a couple of dear friends from Indonesia for a visit. They were on their way to Melbourne, Australia but wanted to stop by here in Kuala Lumpur and say hi.

Hence, no writing. And this time I can’t even blame the flu.

Luckily the week isn’t over yet. I still have a shot at finishing my short story.

So I’ll just put this up here. As a reminder to myself what happens to bad writers πŸ˜‰