About Nell

My writing space

When I wrote my first novel The Locked Room I didn’t have a dedicated space of my own to sit down and write. I just sat anywhere with my laptop: on the couch, at the dining room table, in my bed or once in a while I borrowed the hubby’s home office, but I couldn’t do that a lot because he has one of them real job-thingies, and he needs it for meetings and what-not.

I didn’t dare to wish for a writing space of my own—because what if nothing ever came of my writing?

But after I finished the first draft, everything felt a little more real. I started to really want a space of my own. I was tired of carrying around not only my computer and my tea cup, but also my many notebooks of ideas, the pretty pens and the planner I can’t possibly live without.

So I talked to the very supportive hubby about it, who said “Sure”. Since I didn’t want a fancy mahogany desk with gilded legs or an expensive tiffany lamp we went to Ikea and got what I needed.

And voilá: I present to you my very own writing space. Isn’t it pretty?


This is where I sit every day and work on my writing. It’s got room for my laptop, my favorite unicorn tea mug (which is suspiciously empty in this picture, but I promise it isn’t just a prop), a couple of lamps for when I work late, and pens, notebooks and the planner. And a tiny bluetooth speaker because I can’t write without music.

I love it. I feel like a real writer now. So I’d better get on with my editing, don’t you think? 🙂