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The Locked Room

I’m currently working on my first novel, The Locked Room. I’m in the middle of the editing process, carefully choosing every word and making sure I’ve got all my commas straight. It’s a fun part of being a writer; trying to make my work the best it can possibly be, wondering which word will make the greatest impact and googling for synonyms to make sure I don’t repeat myself.

It’s also a very frightening step because it means that the actual publishing is getting closer. And letting my words out in the world is very scary. I’ve lived and breathed this story for months, what if no one likes it? Putting it out there for people to read and have opinions about is like letting people critiquing your baby – it’s very close to my heart and I just want everybody to love it as much as I do.

So I write and rewrite. Edit and bang my head against my desk because I get frustrated. Go make a cup of coffee, breathe deeply and go at it again. Tirelessly weighing every word, and checking my facts.

And in between all that I have to start telling people about my book, or nobody will know it exists. So here it goes:

The Locked Room

The Locked Room is a story about Mason and Zach, who met by chance almost eight years ago when they were out with their respective group of co-workers at a bar for an after-work beer. They started talking and continued running into each other at the bar, and slowly over the weeks they developed a friendship, and Mason found he could confide things to Zach he kept from everyone else. But Mason was in a relationship with someone at the time, and one day his partner Jacob was killed in a car accident.

Mason’s world was shattered and he couldn’t cope with the loss, so he locked away his heart and threw away the key. He cut all ties with his old life, and that included Zach. For the past seven years he’s been living only for his work and his beloved sister and her family.

Mason’s sister thinks that seven years is more than enough for him to go on with his life and now she takes matters into her own hands and sets him up on a blind date with one of her colleagues. Mason reluctantly agrees to the date, and to his surprise it’s Zach he’s meeting.

Seven years ago Mason had been attracted to Zach but couldn’t act on his feelings because of his partner. Now when they meet again the attraction is still there, but is Mason really ready to move on? And is Zach the key to unlock Mason’s frozen heart?